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    Sanatorium ošetření kloubů nohoutu. Sanatorium 6 is a musical project started by guitarist and musician Laven Reese and formed with vocalist and musician Gerswin. Its name “ Solnechny” translates as Sunny. How to use sanatorium in a sentence. The Lake Naroch region is known because of its a healthy climat and healing mineral water and mud. Founded as The Yeung Wo Nursing Home with 28 beds in the beginning, today the Hospital has around 500 beds and more than 30 specialty centres,. A sanatorium ( also spelled sanitorium and sanitarium) is a medical facility for long- term illness, most typically associated with treatment of tuberculosis ( TB) in the late- nineteenth and twentieth century before the discovery of antibiotics. Sanatorium definition is - an establishment that provides therapy combined with a regimen ( as of diet and exercise) for treatment or rehabilitation. Today its medical equipment and the range of treatment and diagnostic abilities are at the level of a modern multisectoral clinical hospital. In addition to it the resort and all its medical cabinets are equipped with all the modern devices needed. Sanatorium " Khmilnyk" is the most powerful institution of the Kmilnyk resort. Located towards the outskirts of Pripyat the building, with its rows of balconies and open foyer, could easily be mistaken for a hotel at first glance. Established in 1922, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in Hong Kong known for its high quality of patient care based on advanced knowledge, expertise and technology in the health care field. The sanatorium is situated in a picturesque part of Vinnytsya region and there is everything needed for treatment. Pripyat sanatorium was a clinic for the treatment of chronic diseases and medically supervised recuperation. An establishment that provides therapy combined with a regimen ( as of diet and. This is a point- and- click game that desperately wants to be a live action game. That` s why the sanatorium « Naroch» is situated on the lake` s bank. Founded in 1866 under the auspices of the Seventh- day Adventist Church, the Battle Creek Sanitarium in its heyday was a combination spa and Mayo Clinic, supporting a hospital, medical and nursing schools, research facilities, several health food companies, and its own publishing house. The atmosphere is purposely dark as you navigate around a. A distinction is sometimes made between " sanitarium" ( a kind of health resort, as in the Battle Creek Sanitarium) and " sanatorium" ( a hospital). The lighting and scenery is very similar to the resident evil games, with even some of the sound effects being similar.